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forked: 翻訳 Iain's git 翻訳 Paul's Page: Version 2.8.0js 翻訳 Iain's Page: Version 2.4.2js
ソースコード: GitHub - pfalstad/circuitjs1: Electronic Circuit Simulator in the Browser 翻訳

CircuitJS1はブラウザ上で動作する電子回路シミュレータです。これは元々 Paul Falstad によって Java アプレットとして作成されました。
これは、GWT を使用してブラウザで実行できるように Iain Sharp によって調整されました。
pfalstad/circuitjs1: Electronic Circuit Simulator in the Browser より

類似サービス: EveryCircuit: Animated interactive circuit simulator



### setuplist.txt first line must be a comment
ohms.txt Ohm's Law
resistors.txt Resistors
cap.txt Capacitor
induct.txt Inductor
>lrc.txt LRC Circuit
voltdivide.txt Voltage Divider
pot.txt Potentiometer
potdivide.txt Potentiometer Divider
thevenin.txt Thevenin's Theorem
norton.txt Norton's Theorem
+A/C Circuits
capac.txt Capacitor
inductac.txt Inductor
capmultcaps.txt Caps of Various Capacitances
capmultfreq.txt Caps w/ Various Frequencies
indmultind.txt Inductors of Various Inductances
indmultfreq.txt Inductors w/ Various Frequencies
impedance.txt Impedances of Same Magnitude
res-series.txt Series Resonance
res-par.txt Parallel Resonance
+Passive Filters
filt-hipass.txt High-Pass Filter (RC)
filt-lopass.txt Low-Pass Filter (RC)
filt-hipass-l.txt High-Pass Filter (RL)
filt-lopass-l.txt Low-Pass Filter (RL)
bandpass.txt Band-pass Filter
bandnoise.txt Band-pass w/ Noise
notch.txt Notch Filter
twint.txt Twin-T Filter
crossover.txt Crossover
butter10lo.txt Butterworth Low-Pass (10 pole)
butter10hi.txt Butterworth High-Pass (10 pole)
butter10loaud.txt Butterworth Low-Pass w/ Noise
butter10hiaud.txt Butterworth High-Pass w/ Noise
butterbandstop.txt Butterworth Band-Stop
besselbutter.txt Bessel vs Butterworth
ringing.txt Band-pass with Ringing
comb.txt Comb Filter
+Other Passive Circuits
indseries.txt Inductors in Series
indpar.txt Inductors in Parallel
capseries.txt Caps in Series
cappar.txt Caps in Parallel
transformer.txt Transformer
transformerdc.txt Transformer w/ DC
transformerup.txt Step-Up Transformer
transformerdown.txt Step-Down Transformer
longdist.txt Long-Distance Power Transmission
relay.txt Relay
relayand.txt Relay AND
relayor.txt Relay OR
relayxor.txt Relay XOR
relaymux.txt Relay Mux
relayff.txt Relay Flip-Flop
relaytff.txt Relay Toggle Flip-Flop
relayosc.txt Relay Oscillator
relayctr.txt Relay Counter
3way.txt 3-Way Light Switches
4way.txt 3- and 4-Way Light Switches
diff.txt Differentiator
wheatstone.txt Wheatstone Bridge
lrc-critical.txt Critically Damped LRC
currentsrcelm.txt Current Source
inductkick.txt Inductive Kickback
inductkick-snub.txt Blocking Inductive Kickback
powerfactor1.txt Power Factor
powerfactor2.txt Power Factor Correction
grid.txt Resistor Grid
grid2.txt Resistor Grid 2
cube.txt Resistor Cube
+Coupled LC's
coupled1.txt LC Modes (2)
coupled2.txt Weak Coupling
coupled3.txt LC Modes (3)
ladder.txt LC Ladder
phaseseq.txt Phase-Sequence Network
lissa.txt Lissajous Figures
diodevar.txt Diode
diodecurve.txt Diode I/V Curve
rectify.txt Half-Wave Rectifier
fullrect.txt Full-Wave Rectifier
fullrectf.txt Full-Wave Rectifier w/ Filter
diodelimit.txt Diode Limiter
+Zener Diodes
zeneriv.txt I/V Curve
zenerref.txt Voltage Reference
zenerreffollow.txt Voltage Reference w/ Follower
dcrestoration.txt DC Restoration
inductkick-block.txt Blocking Inductive Kickback
spikegen.txt Spike Generator
+Voltage Multipliers
voltdouble.txt Voltage Doubler
voltdouble2.txt Voltage Doubler 2
volttriple.txt Voltage Tripler
voltquad.txt Voltage Quadrupler
amdetect.txt AM Detector
diodeclip.txt Waveform Clipper
sinediode.txt Triangle-to-Sine Converter
ringmod.txt Ring Modulator
opamp.txt Op-Amp
opampfeedback.txt Op-Amp Feedback
amp-invert.txt Inverting Amplifier
amp-noninvert.txt Noninverting Amplifier
amp-follower.txt Follower
amp-diff.txt Differential Amplifier
amp-sum.txt Summing Amplifier
logconvert.txt Log Amplifier
classd.txt Class-D Amplifier
relaxosc.txt Relaxation Oscillator
phaseshiftosc.txt Phase-Shift Oscillator
triangle.txt Triangle Wave Generator
sine.txt Sine Wave Generator
sawtooth.txt Sawtooth Wave Generator
vco.txt Voltage-Controlled Oscillator
trianglevco.txt Triangle VCO
amp-rect.txt Half-Wave Rectifier (inverting)
amp-fullrect.txt Full-Wave Rectifier
peak-detect.txt Peak Detector
amp-integ.txt Integrator
amp-dfdx.txt Differentiator (inverting)
amp-schmitt.txt Schmitt Trigger
nic-r.txt Negative Impedance Converter
gyrator.txt Gyrator
capmult.txt Capacitance Multiplier
howland.txt Howland Current Source
itov.txt I-to-V Converter
delta-pwm.txt Delta PWM Encoder
opamp-regulator.txt Voltage Regulator
opint.txt 741 Internals
opint-invert-amp.txt 741 (inverting amplifier)
opint-slew.txt 741 Slew Rate
opint-current.txt 741 Current Limits
+Chaotic Circuits
rossler.txt Rossler
vilnius.txt Vilnius
chua.txt Chua
chaos1.txt Chaos 1
chaos2.txt Chaos 2
jerk.txt Jerk
npn.txt NPN Transistor
pnp.txt PNP Transistor
transswitch.txt Switch
follower.txt Emitter Follower
multivib-a.txt Astable Multivib
multivib-bi.txt Bistable Multivib (Flip-Flop)
multivib-mono.txt Monostable Multivib (One-Shot)
ceamp.txt Common-Emitter Amplifier
phasesplit.txt Unity-Gain Phase Splitter
schmitt.txt Schmitt Trigger
currentsrc.txt Current Source
currentsrcramp.txt Current Source Ramp
mirror.txt Current Mirror
darlington.txt Darlington Pair
+Differential Amplifiers
trans-diffamp.txt Differential Input
trans-diffamp-common.txt Common-Mode Input
trans-diffamp-cursrc.txt Common-Mode w/Current Source
+Push-Pull Follower
pushpullxover.txt Simple, with distortion
pushpull.txt Improved
colpitts.txt Colpitts Oscillator
hartley.txt Hartley Oscillator
eclosc.txt Emitter-Coupled LC Oscillator
crystalosc2.txt Crystal Oscillator
gilbertcell.txt Gilbert Cell Multiplier
rmsconverter.txt True RMS Converter
joule-thief.txt Joule Thief
transrectifier.txt Full-Wave Rectifier
early.txt Early Effect
nmosfet.txt n-MOSFET
pmosfet.txt p-MOSFET
mosswitch.txt Switch
mosfollower.txt Source Follower
moscurrentsrc.txt Current Source
moscurrentramp.txt Current Ramp
mosmirror.txt Current Mirror
mosfetamp.txt Common-Source Amplifier
cmosinverter.txt CMOS Inverter
cmosinvertercap.txt CMOS Inverter (w/capacitance)
cmosinverterslow.txt CMOS Inverter (slow transition)
cmostransgate.txt CMOS Transmission Gate
mux.txt CMOS Multiplexer
samplenhold.txt Sample-and-Hold
delayrc.txt Delayed Buffer
leadingedge.txt Leading-Edge Detector
switchfilter.txt Switchable Filter
voltinvert.txt Voltage Inverter
invertamp.txt Inverter Amplifier
inv-osc.txt Inverter Oscillator
crystalosc.txt CMOS Crystal Oscillator
+555 Timer Chip
555square.txt Square Wave Generator
555int.txt Internals
555saw.txt Sawtooth Oscillator
555lowduty.txt Low-duty-cycle Oscillator
555monostable.txt Monostable Multivibrator
555pulsemod.txt Pulse Width Modulator
555sequencer.txt Pulse Sequencer
555schmitt.txt Schmitt Trigger (inverting)
555missing.txt Missing Pulse Detector
+Active Filters
filt-vcvs-lopass.txt VCVS Low-Pass Filter
filt-vcvs-hipass.txt VCVS High-Pass Filter
switchedcap.txt Switched-Capacitor Filter
allpass1.txt Allpass
allpass2.txt Allpass w/ Square
actbutterlo.txt Butterworth Low-Pass
actbutterhi.txt Butterworth High-Pass
actbutterband.txt Butterworth Band-Pass
+Logic Families
rtlinverter.txt RTL Inverter
rtlnor.txt RTL NOR
rtlnand.txt RTL NAND
dtlinverter.txt DTL Inverter
dtlnand.txt DTL NAND
dtlnor.txt DTL NOR
ttlinverter.txt TTL Inverter
ttlnand.txt TTL NAND
ttlnor.txt TTL NOR
fanout.txt Fan-Out
nmosinverter.txt NMOS Inverter
nmosinverter2.txt Inverter with only MOSFETs
nmosinverter3.txt Depletion-load NMOS Inverter
nmosnand.txt NMOS NAND
cmosinverter.txt CMOS Inverter
cmosnand.txt CMOS NAND
cmosnor.txt CMOS NOR
cmosxor.txt CMOS XOR
cmosff.txt CMOS Flip-Flop
cmosmsff.txt CMOS Master-Slave Flip-Flop
eclnor.txt ECL NOR/OR
3-cgand.txt CGAND
3-cgor.txt CGOR
3-invert.txt Complement (F210)
3-f211.txt F211
3-f220.txt F220
3-f221.txt F221
+Combinational Logic
xor.txt Exclusive OR
halfadd.txt Half Adder
fulladd.txt Full Adder
decoder.txt 1-of-4 Decoder
priencoder.txt Priority Encoder
mux3state.txt 2-to-1 Mux
majority.txt Majority Logic
digcompare.txt 2-Bit Comparator
7segdecoder.txt 7-Segment LED Decoder
brentkung.txt Brent-Kung Adder
alu74181.txt 74181 ALU
+Sequential Logic
nandff.txt SR Flip-Flop
clockedsrff.txt Clocked SR Flip-Flop
masterslaveff.txt Master-Slave Flip-Flop
edgedff.txt Edge-Triggered D Flip-Flop
jkff.txt JK Flip-Flop
counter.txt 4-Bit Ripple Counter
counter8.txt 8-Bit Ripple Counter
synccounter.txt Synchronous Counter
updownctr.txt Up/Down Counter
deccounter.txt Decimal Counter
graycode.txt Gray Code Counter
johnsonctr.txt Johnson Counter
ringcascade.txt Cascading Ring Counters
+Shift Registers
sipo-sr.txt Serial-In Parallel-Out
piso-sr.txt Parallel-In Serial-Out
unishiftreg.txt Universal
divideby2.txt Divide-by-2
divideby3.txt Divide-by-3
ledflasher.txt LED Flasher
traffic.txt Traffic Light
sram.txt Static RAM
dram.txt Dynamic RAM
flashadc.txt Flash ADC
deltasigma.txt Delta-Sigma ADC
hfadc.txt Half-Flash (Subranging) ADC
dac.txt Binary-Weighted DAC
r2rladder.txt R-2R Ladder DAC
swtreedac.txt Switch-Tree DAC
digsine.txt Digital Sine Wave
qam-256.txt QAM-256 Modulator/Demodulator
+Power Converters
conv-boost.txt Boost Converter
conv-buck.txt Buck Converter
conv-buckboost.txt Buck-Boost Converter
conv-cuk.txt Ćuk Converter
conv-sepic.txt SEPIC Converter
+Phase-Locked Loops
xorphasedet.txt XOR Phase Detector
pll.txt Type I PLL
phasecomp.txt Phase Comparator (Type II)
phasecompint.txt Phase Comparator Internals
pll2.txt Type II PLL
pll2a.txt Type II PLL (fast)
freqdouble.txt Frequency Doubler
+Transmission Lines
tl.txt Simple TL
tlstand.txt Standing Wave
tlterm.txt Termination
tlmismatch.txt Mismatched lines (Pulse)
tlmis1.txt Mismatched lines (Standing Wave)
tlmatch1.txt Impedance Matching (L-Section)
tlmatch2.txt Impedance Matching (Shunt Stub)
tlfreq.txt Stub Frequency Response
tllopass.txt Low-Pass Filter
tllight.txt Light Switch
+Misc Devices
jfetcurrentsrc.txt JFET Current Source
jfetfollower.txt JFET Follower
jfetfollower-nooff.txt JFET Follower w/zero offset
jfetamp.txt Common-Source Amplifier
volume.txt Volume Control
lambda-diode.txt Lambda Diode
lambda-diode-osc.txt Lambda Diode Oscillator
+Tunnel Diodes
tdiode.txt I/V Curve
tdosc.txt LC Oscillator
tdrelax.txt Relaxation Oscillator
mr.txt Memristor
mr-sine.txt Sine Wave
mr-square.txt Square Wave
mr-triangle.txt Triangle Wave
mr-sine2.txt Hard-Switching 1
mr-sine3.txt Hard-Switching 2
mr-crossbar.txt Crossbar Memory
triode.txt Triode
triodeamp.txt Amplifier
+Silicon-Controlled Rectifiers
scr.txt SCR
scractrig.txt AC Trigger
+Current Conveyor
cc2.txt CCII+
cc2n.txt CCII-
ccinductor.txt Inductor Simulator
cc2imp.txt CCII+ Implementation
cc2impn.txt CCII- Implementation
cciamp.txt Current Amplifier
ccvccs.txt VCCS
ccdiff.txt Current Differentiator
ccint.txt Current Integrator
ccitov.txt Current-Controlled Voltage Source
+Spark Gap
spark-sawtooth.txt Sawtooth Generator
tesla.txt Tesla Coil
spark-marx.txt Marx Generator
+Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA)
ota-vca.txt OTA Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA)
ota-vcf-single.txt OTA Single Stage VCF (low pass)
ota-ringmod.txt OTA Ring Modulator
ota-gain.txt LM137000 Gain Oddity
+Light Bulb
lightbulb.txt Light Bulb
wienbridge.txt Wien Bridge Oscillator
varactor.txt Varactor
varactorvco.txt VCO
ledarray.txt LED Array
triacdimmer.txt DIAC/TRIAC Dimmer
ujtosc.txt Unijunction Oscillator
blank.txt Blank Circuit

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